Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anna Griffin Cuttlebug - New Folders

Hello Everyone!

I decided to take the plunge last week and ordered the new Anna Griffin Cuttlebug off of HSN.  I primarily did it for the folders (like everyone else, right?), but the machine is so pretty too!  I already have a green Cuttlebug that works just fine for now, so I'll be putting the pretty new one on the shelf as a backup for the inevitable day when mine breaks.

I saw a lot of comments on message boards asking for pictures of the folders that came in the bundle.  I decided to take pictures of the folders that were included, and have inserted them here for everyone to see.  It may help you decide if you HAVE to have one too :)  I hear they'll be offered again in April, and they may be offering just the folders at some time as well.

I apologize up front, the red border folders didn't photograph well - I couldn't find a way to get them to come out better - sorry!


These are the Anna Griffin A2 Size folders + Borders:





These are the Anna Griffin 5x7 Folders + Borders:





These are not Anna Griffin, but were included in the bundle:

Cross My Heart 5x7

Simple Flowers 5x7

Fabric Swatches set - 5x7

I have no idea why this photo uploaded sideways - For the life of me, I couldn't get it to rotate...

Fabric Swatches Set A2

Which one is your favorite? I'm thinking Poppy & Aviary!!!